In The Media: A Day in the Life of Tugende Drivers

Boda boda stage, Ntinda

Tugende customer John Kyabasinga, foreground, sits with other members of his stage in Ntinda, Kampala. (Photo Credit: KIMBERLY L. BRYANT)

For many Kampala residents, even some who ride boda bodas, the drivers are a faceless collective. All drivers take the reputational damage of the few who drive recklessly, grab purses, and suffer or cause accidents. When one motorcycle makes an erratic move, it is boda bodas at large cursed by whoever is inconvenienced.

It will be no surprise to Tugende followers that we feel differently. The vast majority of boda boda drivers are hardworking folks simply trying to earn a living and support their families. In an October 7 photo essay in online magazine The Culture-ist Canadian journalist Kimberly Bryant spends time with two Tugende drivers, John Kyabasinga and Onesmus Ahimbisibwe. By visiting their workplaces and homes Kimberly digs deeper into the drivers’ positive teamwork and self-regulation at stages, and the great things our drivers are investing in with their extra earnings at home.

Take a look. We are proud to work with John and Onesmus (who recently took ownership of his motorcycle!), and all our other customres.

(PS hover your mouse on the photos to read the captions, and even though it is spread 4 pages, click all the way through–the photos are fabulous).