Tugende featured on VC4Africa

vc4africa headline

We got a big shout-out┬álast week on VC4Africa, a leading site about the startup world in Africa, for successfully hitting our investment target. Check it out for a pretty extended interview with me, including how superheros helped contribute to Tugende’s founding, and a Q&A with board member Aaron Pattillo about why he decided to get involved.

So, where is all that money going? Do we have it made now? Actually, almost all that investment raised has already been re-invested into our portfolio of motorcycles–the key in expanding to almost 250 motorcycles on the road and 60 completed. That has Tugende on track for the goals we set more than a year ago when we started taking outside funds. So we are are incredibly excited about the progress, and even more to keep growing.

For more on the progress over the last year, also take a look at this fun update on Unreasonable.is about our growth and how the Unreasonable Institute helped us make it happen.