Naume (and Tugende) Appear in The Economist’s Africa Blog


Baobab, the Africa blog of prominent glossy weekly The Economist, ran a short story about Naume Awero, Kampala’s fearless female boda boda driver, who is a current Tugende customer. Tugende got to add to Naume’s praise and do a little promotion. Below is an excerpt, but read the whole thing:

According to [a] local newspaper a few female drivers exist in rural parts of Uganda. But Tugende, a firm providing loans in the form of motorbikes to recommended drivers in a hire-purchase arrangement, says she is the only one in Kampala.

“We interact with hundreds if not thousands of drivers all over Kampala, and as far as we know, Naume is the only female,” says Michael Wilkerson, co-founder and CEO. “This not only shows how brave she is, but the level of enthusiasm she generates shows how much potential there is for other women to buck stereotypes and join the industry. “

Ms Awero has succeeded in a male-dominated industry and defied the odds in her personal life. Abandoned by her mother at 12 following her father’s death, she was raped and at 13 became pregnant.

When a male boda driver joked she should borrow his bike, the single mother of two took on the challenge. She asked the university where she was working as a security guard for a loan, borrowing the rest of the money from a bank.