We’re hiring! : Chief of Staff

Mission: Enhance the overall effectiveness of the CEO and providing strategic vision, planning and implementation of overall company goals and strategic projects.

How to apply: Email jobs -AT- tugendedriven.com with your CV (or resume) and cover letter. Be sure to let us know why you want to join Tugende in this capacity and why you think you’re the perfect fit for the job!

Deadline: Thursday, 7th February, 2015

Location: Kampala

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Tugende helps motorcycle taxi drivers own their own motorcycles in eighteen months or less instead of renting indefinitely. Ownership significantly increases income, job security and road safety. Across Uganda, and many other emerging markets, motorcycles help drive the economy, mitigating traffic jams and bad roads as well as offering hundreds of thousands of jobs for those with little formal education. Tugende is proving that millions of self- employed entrepreneurs can receive credit to own the equipment they use to provide for their families, even without credit histories, collateral, and in industries considered high risk by traditional lenders. Learn more about our founding and mission here and here.

Tugende means “let’s go” and both signifies our mission and is the actual phrase used when climbing on a motorcycle taxi. Tugende has grown more than 15x in the last 18 months, its CEO is a 2012 Unreasonable Fellow, 2014 Echoing Green Global Fellow and Tugende has appeared in
the Economist, VC4Africa, and elsewhere.


Basic Responsibilities

Enhance Overall Effectiveness of the CEO

  • Oversight of operations of the CEO including Board support functions, fundraising/investment seeking, facilitating executive team collaboration. Ensuring oversight and sign off for budgets, administrative support, policies and procedures.
  • Direct traffic and coach CEO to enhance focus on key priorities and “only the CEO can handle” responsibilities. Help CEO fight tendency to say yes to everything. Help brief CEO on key priorities, decisions and action items and manage upward to ensure timely action from CEO.
  • Create and operate a reporting system/KPI dashboard that allows for a timely flow of necessary data into the office of the CEO from all relevant departments and direct reports. Serve as a first alert system – an extra set of eyes and ears – keeping the CEO aware of unanticipated problems to be addressed or opportunities to be considered.
  • Create and manage intricate Excel, Word and PowerPoint deliverables on behalf of the CEO and leadership. In particular own and continuously update overall strategic plan and key due diligence materials for potential funders.
  • Help create and manage communications strategy from the CEO (board and investor updates, newsletters, internal communications, social media).
  • Own or identify areas for special projects related to the CEO role.
  • Prepare CEO for speeches, press events, policy events and general meetings.
  • Represent the CEO internally and externally as needed.
  • Participate-in and facilitate team meetings/events and other activities that improve operations and morale.

Strategic Projects Management

  • Directly lead some strategic initiatives, particularly cross-functional efforts, by developing clear goals, timelines, research and project timeliness as needed.
  • Monitor all strategic efforts in all departments. Attend all senior management and strategy meetings. Review action items decided upon at each strategic meeting, prepare a written summary, follow up with each attendee to get commitment for agreed-upon dates of completion. Confirm party responsible for following up on each action item.
  • Improve knowledge management and institutional learning. Develop and manage process for capturing, cataloging, analyzing and disseminating key lessons learned from initiatives, with a view towards promoting best practices, sharing lessons, and quickly onboarding future team members.
  • Develop and use simple and robust project management dashboards for both team and cross-functional projects – enabling information flow to CEO and easy accountability for relevant staff and teams on their progress.
  • Maintain historical log of deadlines to better understand actual man-hours dedicated to each task – analyze historical plans to effectively allocate proper resources and lead times to new projects.