Tugende CEO, Michael Wilkerson on SOCAPTV

Motorcycle taxis are an enormous industry in East Africa. They help people move through traffic in cities, and in rural areas, where there is no public transport, they get people where they need to go, literally driving the economy. At the same time motorcycles are incredibly important source of jobs especially in countries like Uganda where 70% the population is under 25 and unemployment is high.

Tugende CEO, Michael Wilkerson attended SOCAP2015 last month. Here he had the opportunity to explain more about Tugende. You can view his talk “More than Motorcycles: Small Asset Ownership and a Bottom Up Economic Revolution” on SOCAPTV, embedded below.

Watch to learn how we create¬†economic growth, and change, by empowering people at the bottom of the pyramid to become micro-venture capitalists in their own communities. Our customers don’t need prescriptions about what they should be doing, only opportunities to move forwards.