Customer Profile: Ssemanda Charles

Ssemanda, with his 5th Tugende boda boda on his stage

Ssemanda, with his 5th Tugende boda boda on his stage

Ssemanda is on the verge of paying off his fifth Tugende lease since he started driving a boda boda in 2013 . We recently chatted about what he’s done with the boda bodas that he’s come to own, what he’s achieved from the Tugende leases and what he’s up to now that he’s about to own his fifth motorcycle.

Why did you choose Tugende?

I am an electrician and still work as such when it is required of me. However, it did not pay enough, though, so I started driving boda bodas to supplement my income. I had saved up some money, but not enough to purchase a motorcycle. When I found out about Tugende I visited the offices and successfully received my first bike. Classes were so helpful, especially as I did not have much experience working as a boda rider.

What have you done with the motorcycles that you owned?

I lease out my boda bodas to others and I’ve earned more that enough to look after myself and the family, and I am proud of being of help to others in need. I am so grateful to Tugende for helping me to own my own motorcycles, which is why I keep returning. Ultimately, I am saving to start a side business for myself.

What are you up to now that you’re on your way to ownership again?

I am so happy and relieved. I will drive this one myself as I decide what to do next.