Customer Profile: Tamale Julius

Tamale Julius, boda boda owner and proprietor of Tamale Video Hall

Tamale Julius, boda boda owner and proprietor of Tamale Video Hall

Tamale Julius is one of Tugende’s many alumni. He started driving in 2011, and has since gained ownership of three motorcycles through Tugende. We recently talked to him about how he joined Tugende, what he thinks of the Tugende classes and what he plans to do now that he’s successfully paid off his third bike.

How did you join Tugende?

My boda boda was old and I wanted to buy a new one, most people at the stage knew about it. One day a colleague introduced me to his friend, who had a Tugende bike, he took me through everything he knew about Tugende and promised to take me along on his next visit to the office. This day came, and when we visited I read through the rules. They were reasonable, so I applied, attended classes, and received my first motorcycle

What do you think of the Tugende classes?

It was a good chance to interact with other drivers and learn more about Tugende. I particularly enjoyed the part in which I learnt how to protect and safeguard my machine. I applied this knowledge and I still have all my boda bodas.

What do you plan to do now that you have fully paid for your third Tugende loan?

I still possess my first two bodas, I have leased them to young men who also wish to own their own boda and are doing very well. I will continue driving my third boda myself. I’ve benefited from the extra income I’ve made through ownership: I bought a piece of land and have built a house on it. I have also started a Video Hall where you can view Sports.