TUGENDE IS HIRING! Apply to join our Special Projects team.

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Tugende is looking for a Special Projects Analyst to drive innovation, research and solve complex challenges across the company, and create extremely professional deliverables to present to senior management, the board, and investors. The successful candidate will have a demonstrated record of exceptional problem solving, analysis and strategic prioritization skills. He or she will proactively seek internal and external opportunities, assess the financial feasibility of such projects, provide management with data-backed recommendations, and implement solutions and new initiatives. If you see problems as opportunities, are comfortable bringing structure to ambiguous challenges, and take initiative with minimal direction, then this role is for you!



  • Date Posted: February 23, 2017 
  • Date Due: March 10, 2017
  • Location: Kampala, Uganda
  • Reporting to: CEO


  • Identify Tugende’s strategic needs, pressing challenges, and key opportunities, and prioritize projects based on their effectiveness in moving the company forward.
  • Independently draft project timelines and maintain strict discipline in meeting deadlines.
  • Conduct cost/benefit analysis, and build financial models that forecast expected costs, justify investments, and allow for monitoring of progress.
  • Strategically drive projects into the execution phase, partnering with teams across the organization and external vendors and partners.
  • Assess project direction throughout the entire lifecycle. When necessary, pivot tasks, change priorities, and correct course.
  • Communicate project risks and obstacles to management in a solutions-oriented manner.
  • Maintain documentation of what is and isn’t effective throughout a project’s implementation.
  • Analyze, track, and forecast project metrics. At project’s completion, reflect on its effectiveness and efficiency, and document processes that could lead to future improvement.  


  • New product exploration:
    • Explore other revenue-generating assets that Tugende could help people finance. Research customer demographics and needs, how they currently pay to use these assets, and the potential benefits Tugende could bring them via our proven lease-to-own model. Compare options and generate a compelling business case to pilot the new asset. Build a go-to-market plan and pitch to Tugende management.
  • Expansion and scaling:
    • Help design and implement the operational plan to scale from 1,000s to 10,000s of active motorcycle leases in urban, peri-urban, and rural areas in Uganda.
  • Marketing:
    • Help design new marketing strategies. Design branded gear that displays Tugende’s mission to the public and encourages their support of our clients.
  • Support capital raising and long-term budgeting/financial modeling:
    • Help us increase the analytical functions of our financial model. Research comparable companies, analyze metrics, dive into our numbers, and put together a compelling case for investors.
    • Explore innovative solutions to capital raising and structuring, including meeting with potential investors and lenders as well as advisers to design new capital solutions to fuel Tugende’s growth.
  • New business model generation:
    • Explore new revenue opportunities including our fleet of branded Tugende VIP Drivers, sales of branded merchandise, Tugende owned or co-branded maintenance and spare parts, advertising and other corporate sponsorship, and anything else you can come up with.
  • Motorcycle sourcing/Supply chain management:
    • Explore and build relationships with new suppliers; negotiate better deals with current distributors; determine the costs and benefits of buying straight from the international manufacturer.
  • Data analytics:
    • Work with Tugende’s large and growing data team to help us:
      • Develop an in-house credit-scoring system for our low-income applicants,
      • Analyze important business metrics and recommend operational improvements,
      • Consolidate and implement regular social impact analysis.
  • Client communication and support:
    • Support development of a more robust and accountable customer service function.
    • Evaluate and recommend improvements to customer training methods.


  • Essential:
    • Willingness to ride fearlessly on the back of a motorcycle.
    • Significant private sector experience and demonstrated commitment to maximizing resources and/or generating profits.
    • A minimum of a bachelor’s degree with preference given to candidates who’ve started or completed an MBA, MPP, or similar advanced degree.
    • Outstanding organizational and project management skills, with specific examples of past successful projects.
    • Ability to work independently, multitask, and deliver projects in a timely manner, with outstanding attention to detail and a sense of urgency.
    • Strong interpersonal skills with a demonstrated ability to take ownership of problems and use good judgment in decision-making.
    • Intellectual curiosity and a passion for our mission of investing in individuals and rethinking conventions about finance options for lower income groups.
    • Comfort in low-income environments and ability to empathize with and gain trust from communities with which we work.
    • Interest in crafting powerful narratives about poverty alleviation that are honest and respectful.
  • Preferred:
    • 1-3 years of work experience in a highly competitive, extremely professional work environment
      • Generally useful skills include strategy consulting, operations, corporate finance, financial modeling, business development, data analysis, monitoring and evaluation, marketing, customer service, supply chain and logistics, getting things done in a developing country, and interfacing with complex bureaucracies
    • Students studying Microfinance, Business Administration, Procurement and Logistics Management, Entrepreneurship and Small Scale Business, Bachelor of Commerce and other business related courses.
    • Fluency in Luganda or other East African languages
  • Bonus points:
    • Experience working in similar lease-to-own models, lease finance, or asset financing


  • Competitive Compensation: Tugende’s team is motivated by far more than just money, but we believe in competitive pay with fast opportunities for advancement and excellent non-cash benefits including top-notch health insurance.
  • Meaningful Work: Tugende’s work gives entrepreneurs the tools to earn a living for themselves and their families. We are changing the face of the financial services industry in Uganda, and proving that young men with little education can take on the responsibility of financing a significant asset and earning a liveable wage. Help be part of this movement!
  • Skills Development: Tugende invests in internal training and staff development and also supports staff financially and with flexibility to pursue additional training. Candidates will be eligible to seek further training and development, and if desired, lead skill and mentorship sessions with junior staff.
  • Great Team: Tugende has a smart, fun, and growing team of 95 staff and growing. We take our work seriously, but love to joke and have fun. We regularly have expenses-paid, voluntary team outings, social and networking events, and annual appreciation parties for our clients. Our headquarters are in Kampala, and we also have offices in Eastern and Western Uganda.

APPLY HERE: https://tugende.workable.com/j/CC95292A74